2002 Isuzu Rodeo – MAF Sensor

Isuzu Rodeo

O2 Sensors are shutting off the injectors

The O2 Sensors are shutting off the injectors early  thinking it is getting too much fuel. The ECM isn’t seeing enough Air Flow. So it won’t allow anymore fuel to be added. Does this thing have a MAF Sensor on it ????

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  1. ” O2 # 2 shows full rich (makes the ecm shorten injector pulse width) ” : this would mean it thinks it has too much fuel and you should be able to spray starting fluid in it and it should rev but its not ………hmmmmm ……. Is it possible that you catalytic converter is clogged ?????? I have seen this before but not too often. This would make the O2 Sensors think you don’t need more gas and shorten the pulse width and wouldn’t allow it to rev if you added more fuel …………. Maybe disconnect it and run it and see what happens. Unless you have a PSI Gauge that screws into the O2 Sensor port in front of the converter and should be below 1 1/2 psi.

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