Sep 102009

Honda Civic

Honda Civic Timing Belt Change Interval

1. What is the best mileage for a time belt change? (Last change was at 90K, as scheduled)
2. What is the most cost effective approach for this change? (Honda dealer; independent mechanic or try to do it myself)
3.   It shows a slight knocking of valves when cold, even using mid octane gas. Is this related to the timing belt? Should it be addressed at the same time? sooner?

  One Response to “I have a 1996 Honda Civic LX. It has 170000 miles and it is in excellent conditions. Questions:”

  1. OK its 7 years or 90,000 after the first belt change ,best bet is to have an independent shop do this it is an extremely involved repair and the timing marks have to be exact or there will be problems,as for the valves if they are making a tapping noise when cold they just need to be adjusted fuel or the timing belt is not affecting it.

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