Master Switch -1986 GMC S-15 Jimmy

GMC Jimmy

1986 2-door GMC S-15 Jimmy: Driver door window switches fail intermittently. Mechanic wants to charge $145 for new master switch + $75 for 1/2 hr. labor. How do I know if this is “over-repair” to make extra bucks at my expense? Is it the Master Switch? New part for 25 yr. old car?

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  1. If the Master switch works intermittently then usually the problem is a damaged wire at the door jam. The wiring harness runs from the master switch through the door and out to the rest of the car. Specially since the door has been opened and shut often over the last 25 yrs. This would be the first place I looked. If you have already looked here and are certain it is the Master Switch then have it replaced. The Price of the part is normal for a dealer part with a slight shop mark up. You can buy one online for $63.79 from but you would not get the shops warranty with that part.
    $75.00 might be a minimum charge and is normal at most shops. If this price includes the shops diagnosing the problem, then it is a very fair price.

    As with all repairs, get them to guaranty the repair in writing.

    A repair shop is a business just like Best Buy or KFC. They are there to make money. You can find a better deal for just about anything they sell but can you trust the x-brand to be as good of quality????? Not usually….

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