1997 saturn

Which is quicker to remove engine or transmission or both together to replace rear main seal?

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  1. The removal of the automatic transmission on a Saturn SL1 requires 7.4 hrs labor. Removal of the engine on the same vehicle also equipped with A/C requires 7.5 hrs labor.

    So about the same time wise. In my opinion removing the transmission would be the way to go as it leaves the rear of the engine exposed and that is where you need to work in order to replace the rear main seal and the transmission is lighter and easier to move around the shop.

  2. i recently aquired a 1997 saturn sedan. i replaced the raditor,brakes,and check engine light. the check engine light at starting the engine stays on and after running starts blinking. i am financally strapped so woulf
    d be grateful for any free adivce i could get

  3. Generally when the check engine light is blinking this means there is something wrong that requires immediate attention.

    If it is running rough it could mean a bad ignition coil, etc. It is best to have the codes scanned so as not to replace parts that don’t need to be replaced. You can have your codes scanned for free at your local Autozone.

    You can then post your codes here if you need help determining what the codes mean.

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