2000 Chrysler Sebring jxi

I got a $100 diagnosis of fault code Po171 from my dealer and they concluded that the fuel pump needed replacing. It was at 35 psi where it should be 50 psi. They wanted $811 to replace it. Could this be any other fault? I had the fuel pump replaced 2-3 years ago. I am going to try to replace it myself but need to be certain that the fuel pump really is the problem. The reason I am a little skeptical is that the fuel pump was replaced only 2 years ago. Could this be a seal leak on the “in-tank pump” or other cause?



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  1. PO171 – System too Lean (Bank 1)

    Generally indicates a vacuum leak of some kind. If in fact the fuel pressure is below specification, the fuel pump itself should be replaced. Most aftermarket parts do not last as long as factory parts, so having one fail after 2-3 years is not to far fetched. If the car is running OK other than the light being on, I would not think the fuel pump is bad and unless I saw the fuel pressure test, would not believe it to be an accurate diagnosis if the car drives fine except for the light being on.

    As for the in-tank pump you mentioned…The fuel pump is in the gas tank and it is the only fuel pump on the vehicle. If the pump was leaking,going bad, etc. The driving performance would be noticeable. The car would bog excessively on hard acceleration.

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