2000 Toyota Camry Engine Sounds Loud when Accelerating

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry LE with 206,000 miles on it and just had it break down on Friday night. We had it towed to my house and finally figured out the timing belt had broken. We bought a new tensioner, idler, timing belt, and water pump and my boyfriend installed it. He is pretty mechanically inclined but had no prior experience working on a Toyota. He finally got it running yesterday after having some problem getting the timing correct. However, after driving the car it doesn’t sound right to me. I have been driving this car for 9 years and know its sounds like my own heartbeat. It sounds right idling but when you press the accelerator it sounds like its louder and working harder than usual. It also seems to take longer to change gears and the rpms seem to be getting up higher before changing. It used to be hard to even hear it running. I’m concerned and my boyfriend is unsure what could be causing this change. Please help.