2001 Ford Explorer Sporttrac will not start

My Sporttrac will turn over, but not start. It was running fine the night before.

When I tried to start my truck the following morning it almost turned then continued to crank. I washed it inside and out the day before.

Checked all fuses they appear to be good. Whats next?

TSB# 03-3-5 Driveabilty – Idle Air Control(IAC) Valve Diagnostic Service Tip


4 thoughts on “2001 Ford Explorer Sporttrac will not start”

  1. Sounds like you may have gotten water down inside the spark plug holes unintentionally and is causing it not to start. You may need to use compressed air and blow out any moisture and may even need to remove spark plug boots and spark plugs. Depending how much you cranked on the engine, you may have at this point also fouled out the spark plugs. The alternative is to let it set for a few days and them try to start it. If it does start, make sure to let it run till it gets hot before turning it off. This will allow the engine to boil/steam away any leftover moisture.

    Might not want to wash inside the engine compartment in the future.

  2. Check Fuel pump, is a sound being hear if you put and ear to where the gas cap goes (remove cap) to listen, just put key on the “ON” position, not start. You could have gotten water on the PCM connection area, if it is located under hood on fire wall. (DO YOU HAVE GAS IN THE TANK)…NOT JUST A BIT, put 1/4 tank.

    A vehicle needs Gas, Air, Power/Spark = Combustion/start. Appearently you’re missing “Spark”. A wet coil, or connection area.

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