2001 Ford Taurus – sometimes hard to start

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus SE with about 100,000 miles.  Recently, I’ve started having some problems.  It starts absolutely fine when the engine is cold.  After I drive for awhile, if I stop the engine to run in for a short errand, it starts, cranks, and then sounds like it is struggle, and dies.  If I wait another 15 to 30 minutes, it starts fine again.  Once it’s going, it runs fine with no problems.  Codes were checked and they come up clear.  This all started the same day that I stopped at a different gas station to fill up.

My local mechanic has said that he thinks the problem is the fuel pump and the repair will cost about $1000.  Does this sound legitimate or does it sound like the problem is something else?

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  1. Go to local auto store, buy a Chilton manual and see if you can install a new fuel pump or get an online auto repair manual from this site, link at top left. But if you can disconnect the fuel line, place fuel line into a gallon jug, (use help). Turn vehicle key to “ON” and see if you get alot of gas within seconds. Yes a fuel pump pressurizes the fuel rail, so time sitting is allowing it to build pressure.

    But…a bad coil can do this, when they get hot, it creates an “OPEN”, which you get no spark-there for you crank, crank, crank the engine. When it cools down after sitting the “Open” now makes contact and you can start the vehicle. Also when you drive for a longtime, it shruggs or purges at a stop light or even while driving. Due to the heat in coil. $40.00-$80.00 usually for a new coil. $65.00-$120.00 for a fuel pump, usually.

    A simple $85.00 to have vehicle diagnostic check will tell you what to do, from a local “GOOD” shop. Dealer is $120.00 for the same. Shop must call and tell you problem and get your approval before they can fix it. So always DEMAND a call, before any repair is made. $1000.00 is too much to replace of a fuel pump. Try another shop-not a backyard crackhead jerk!

    Autozone, Pep boys, Kragen will do a free diagnostic check for a code, if your dash shows “Check Engine” light is on. Good-Luck!!

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