2004 dodge dakota sport ext cab v-6 2wd

when I turn the key to start all the lights come on as normal but you have to sit with key in start position until it wants to start  about 2-3 min  or you can turn key on and sit for a few min 3-5  then try starting and usually will start or just sit with key turned and wait some more.  whats happening I was thinking the ignition relay switch but thats a guess


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  1. You are thinking along the right lines. To test, use a multi-meter and check for battery voltage at the “s” terminal(small wire) on the starter when it doesn’t want to start. If you see battery voltage… replace the starter.
    If you do not see battery voltage… trace back to relay and test for voltage, if voltage going in but not coming out.. replace relay. If no voltage going in… test ignition switch itself

    Reference link: http://freeautomechanic.com/wiringproblems%206.html

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