1996 ford ranger v6 oil pan leak

Ford Ranger

1996 ford ranger oil pan rusted through. So I used JB Weld but still leaks. Replacement estimate is 1000 dollars. Is there any cheaper way to fix?

Yes. Do it yourself. Replace the entire oil pan.

Oil Pan, Replace

On 4WD models, it is necessary to remove engine before removing oil pan.
1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. Remove air cleaner assembly or air intake tube, then the fan shroud. Place shroud over fan.
3. Disconnect distributor cap with wires and position forward of dash panel. Remove distributor and cover bore opening.
4. Remove front engine mount to crossmember attaching nuts.
5. Remove engine oil dipstick tube, if necessary.
6. Raise and support vehicle.
7. Drain engine oil.
8. On models equipped with automatic transmission, remove transmission filler tube and plug pan hole.
9. On all models, remove oil filter, then disconnect exhaust pipes from exhaust manifolds, if necessary.
10. Disconnect oil cooler bracket and lower cooler, if equipped.
11. Remove starter motor.
12. On models equipped with automatic transmission, disconnect transmission oil cooler lines and position aside.
13. On all models, disconnect stabilizer bar or righthand axle beam (whichever applicable) and move forward.
14. Raise engine as high as possible using a suitable jack, then place wooden blocks between front engine mounts and crossmember. Lower engine to rest on wooden blocks and remove jack.
15. Remove oil pan attaching bolts and lower pan onto crossmember.
16. Remove oil pan from vehicle.
17. Reverse procedure to install, using new oil pan gaskets.