2005 Ford Explorer High pitched squeal from the right front wheel

I have a 2005 ford explorer sport trac 4×4 4.0 SOHC flex fuel. I had the right front wheel bearing go out so I replaced the unit bearing, in addition to the CV axle, the rotor, the brake caliper and caliper bracket and the brake pads while I had everything apart. After i drove for a while i began to hear a loud squeal fron the right front wheel. After inspection I concluded that it was a faulty bearing and I returned it and installed the new one, both times torqueing the spindle nut to 180 pounds. I am again hearing the high pitched squealing. Any ideas? When I squirt WD-40 into the knuckle where the axle meets the bearing and it stops temporarily. Thanks

TSB 05-17-10 Noise from rear wheel hub bearings

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  1. More than likely the backing plate was bent and is rubbing the rotor or the metal tabs the pads rest on are rubbing the rotor. When you spray WD it gets slung around and could get on many of the parts around it and might be fooling you into thinking different. You can put it on jack stands and remove the caliper, pads and backing plate and see if it still makes noise, but odds are something is just tweaked a bit and rubbing the rotor. Common after a repair such as yours.

  2. I thought that to but it only happens after I drive for awhile. Almost as if it has to warm up to a certain temp. Could the spindle nut still be to tight even though I torqued it to spec?

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