1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee needs a new transmission

Our college age daughter has a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has 180,000 miles but looks new both inside and out. It needs a new transmission, with the estimate from a good mechanic of $1,000. Should we move ahead with the repair?

3 thoughts on “1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee needs a new transmission”

  1. If you are planning on keeping the Jeep and the transmission comes with a good warrenty I would say YES, fix it. The new transmission is only as good as the warrenty it comes with!

  2. My 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L trans went out completely at about the same mileage although there were some signs of slippage at 74,000 miles or so.

    However, for $1000, I doubt very much you are getting a new transmission. When I replaced mine a few years ago, they were discontinued by the factory. I had a new one built up from new parts (specifically a new Jeep case and a new Dodge truck transmission). My parts cost was close to $6000 (I did my own labor) and while some extra heavy duty parts helped increase the cost in my case it makes $1000 very hard to believe. Please recheck if this is actually a new transmission, the price sounds to me like a used one that could fail again at any time.

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