89 Toy/Camry wont start rplcd alt/batt

drove My 89 toyota camry 6 cyl, but noticed engine lights on, drove back home but then would not re start. was able to jump start it, drove it for approx 1/2 hr, but did not shut car off. When got home would not re start. checked and replaced bad alternator. Jump started but then battery would not hold charge and died. checked and replaced bad battery. Car now will turn over, but not start. had several friends look at it…. they say there is no charge to any of the spark plugs, and another theory that it is not getting any gas? I don’t understand wut could have happened between the alternator going out and being replaced to have caused this, or wut i need to fix next. I have checked all fuses that I know how to, not sure about the relays. At a complete loss of what it could be . Help!!!