97 Pontiac Grand Am

Replaced the speedometer cluster. Replaced it with a used one. Also replace computer. Both used parts came from same car. Now car will start and run for 1-2 mins then die. Almost like a secuity shut-off. How can I get it running?

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  1. The ignition key has a chip in it that the computer reads in order to make sure you are the owner of the car. The computer must see this chip. Since you replaced the computer, you will need the key to the car you took it out of in order to measure the resistance of the chip and have a new key made that fits the ignition tumbler with the correct chip.

    The alternative is to measure the resistance of the key that matched the computer and purchase a resister of the same at radio shack. Take the column apart and attach it to the two tiny wires to bypass the key chip.

    or…. if you still have the old computer, swap the inside ROM chip.

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