Dec 142009

My 91 Accord has the “Anti Lock” light on. When I bought the car it was missing the ALB relay, so I replaced it and the light still comes on within 1 minute of starting.

I keep reading there is a service connector for the ALB, where is it? can I use a jumper on the connector under the pass. seat instead of the “ALB checker” honda has? Please help me get started. I just need to pull the code to know what to check.

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  1. ABS : Anti-lock Brake System

    Look above the right kick panel and locate a blue 2 wire connector that is not connected to anything.(On the passangers side of the car look in the area where the glove box meets the side of the car. Look above the panel on the right side of the passangers footwell.) Using a paper clip as a jumper, connect between the two wires and turn the ignition switch on while watching the abs light. The abs light should flash, count the flashes. Other lights may flash but only be concerned about the abs light. After you count the flashes, disconnect the jumper.

  2. I know about that jumper, but I thought it is only for the Check engine light? When I jump it the “anti lock” light just stays solid, no blinking

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