1997 Honda Civic I think my gas is bad

Honda Civic

I have a 97 Honda Civic with a b-16 a engine. I got gas at a local 76 station. Got the car home a mile or 2 away and it died i tried to start it and it sounded like it was out of gas but it wasn’t it also was spitting out a lot of smoke whitish blue smoke,so i checked my plugs they have gas on them and checked them to see if they have spark they do i checked the rail/filter still good?so i turned to the gas i drained some out it is bright yellow?

I went to the station it is also yellow so i don’t know if Conaco Phillips uses yellow gas I’m not used to that.but my neighbor who also got gas from the station his car also died the same way.so i think its the gas if there is any input you could give me it would be much appreciated. I’m thinking plugs wires filter new gas etc..cause it looks like the plugs were fouled out. So is there any input on the yellow gas? lol thanks

Blue smoke is created by the vehicles engine oil entering a cylinder and being burned along with the Air/Fuel mixture. A small amount of oil leaking into a cylinder will create blue smoke out the tailpipe. Blue smoke is more often and issue in older or higher mileage vehicles.

Sometimes using a thicker oil can help, but in most cases replacing the failed gaskets and seals is the best way to insure the issue is fixed.

With all that in mind. I would check your oil and see if it looks like it is overfilled. If so, change your oil as it may contain gas and allowing it burn.

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