1991 Accord -Failed Smog!!

1991 Accord, A/T

I failed my smog and only have a few days to fix it before my temp tags expires! I am in CA so the smog is tough here.

My NoX emissions were high:
15mph – Max 799 – Actual 1206
25mph – Max 738 – Actual 1211

I was also told my timing was off – High RPM. However I checked my timing which looks right on target as well as the RPM at idle sitting right at 800.

So now I need help to pass Smog ASAP. The Cat is working fine and it has a new O2 sensor. The EGR was replaced with a used one which fixed the CEL code 12 it had before.

The car was warmed up with a 20mile drive, I have cleaned the engine with seafoam, new radiator and fresh coolant.

Any idea how to lower that last few hundred PPM?


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