1999 mercury Cougar trans or clutch issue or?

Hi, my friend has a 1999 mercury Cougar that has 140,000 miles on it, first she does not have the money to take it to a mechanic, last month the trans start slipping and it just got worse and now the car drives but after u but the car in D (drive) or R it takes about 1 minute then some times moves drives and sometimes it does nothing means it does not drive at all, the trans OIL is clean and did not need to add, the trans makes a little random noes only when put it in D or R, any idea I know the trans might gone but I just wanna see if that happened to some one before? could it be clutch? might be sensor or some other part in the trans
it’s my friend’s car and she needs help.
any idea or advice might help. and if u really know about cars what is the part name that makes that trans slip or not act properly ??? THANKS


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  1. The Transmission most likely has a failing pump(low pressure) or failing/sticking shift solenoids(most likely) These are internal and should be replaced by a mechanic/trans shop

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