Chevy Blazer Service Engine Light

Yesterday the Service Engine Soon light came on in my 2004 Chevy Blazer. I took it to Goodyear this morning for a diagnostic test and asked them also to change the oil since it has been a long time (since Sept. 09) since I did that. (I know my bad). The tech changed the oil, etc. and told me that the temp sensor was causing the error and I needed a new coolant temp sensor, thermostat & gasket, radiator hoses all replaced, coolant flush, radiator cap and decarb for almost $500. I had to be to work so I made an appointment for tomorrow morning. But as I drove away the light went out. Could it be all I needed was an oil change?  Help please!

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  1. The Oil Change Had nothing to do with it. The engine temperature is stuck at a warm temperature. (meaning it thinks the engine is already warm when you start it cold). This is causing the engines computer to through up a red flag(your check engine light). What the mechanic is telling you is correct and more common than you think.

    However, if the vehicle has less than 120,000 miles on it. I do not see the need for the decarb or the radiator hoses.

    You only need the coolant flushed, thermostat and gasket changed (cap is cheap, so might as well) and the temp sensor replaced. So tell the mechanic at your appointment you do do not want the hoses and decarb…of course after you get individual prices for each so you know he is actually taking off the bill.

    They are good maintenance items to have done, but if money is tight, these are the items you can do without at present.

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