Ford Crown Vic PI 2003

1. Battery Light Comes ON/OFF At Random
2. Battery Electrolyte Spills.
3. System Volts High On Cold Engine
4. System Volts Low On Hot Engine.
5. System Volts Very Low On Air Conditioner.
Already tried Alt & Battery Change. Didn’t work.

4 thoughts on “Ford Crown Vic PI 2003”

  1. Yes. There was a draw in the trans control and it won’t shift except in gear 2 (safe mode). Found the short and repaired it (3 Years back). But my problem still persists.

    Can’t figure out why the Battery boils?

    Its a new battery. (Second one).

  2. See if i can explain this for you….

    The Alternator is over charging the battery and causing it to boil.
    I would guess you would see 14 to 15 amps on the meter.
    The question is, why is the alternator over charging the battery…. The answer is, you have excessive draw on the system.(somewhere). You will need to determine what is causing the draw and repair it.

    You will need to isolate each system until you find the draw. You can do this with the use of a multi-meter and removing the fuses one at a time to isolate the curcuit.

  3. Where can I get a load schedule of all the fuses so that I would know what an excess draw looks like?
    I wouldn’t know a 5Amps draw from a 7Amps unless I could compare it with the originals

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