95 chevy silverado stalls when leaving a complete stop

I have a 95 silverado it has the 5.7l. the truck was left to me from a relative. its always been well taken care of. well i let it sit for three months over the winter without driving it. i did go out and start it once in a while. now i have been driving it. when i go to take off from a dead stop it spits and sputters and sometimes stalls. i can keep it running if i put one foot on the brake and give it a little gas while stopped. once the truck takes off it runs fine it only does it when i stop. Here today it actually stalled twice. to get it restarted i had to put the gas pedal all the way down before it started and when it did a little black smoke came out the exhaust but then once i was going everything was ok. any help would be appreciated. could it be the plugs?


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