May 052010

’01 wrangler 4.0 manual master cyl. / slave problem

Mechanic replaced mast.cyl. , slave & line component and 1st test drive car ran perfect. 2nd test, clutch wouldn’t disengage. Unit was bled and it ran perfect on 3rd test, but on 4th test same disengagement problem !!!!!!! Mech. Says it must be the clutch !!!

Question is : Can any clutch component part ie clutch, cover, throwout bearing be bad and perform fine as in test drives 1 & 3 ?????? Or am i’m being hosed by the mechanic ??????

Thanks for any help on this !!!!!!!!!

Ps: Only 93k mi. And never had any clutch problems before

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  1. I would say the mechanic purchased remanufactured parts instead of New and the Slave or Master is still at fault. You are correct in thinking the problem is not in the clutch disc, plate or bearing.

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