Chrysler starts then stalls when cold

2006 Chrysler Sebring  2.4 L  4 cyl

When cold, engine starts and then dies for 3 or 4 times before finally starting and then runs fine.  Only happens when we first try to start it each day or after it sits and coold for the day.  Engine code P1607 was read but may not be relevant.  Any ideas?

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  1. P1607 Malfunction In PCM Internal Circuit or Serial Communication Problem With Device 7

    This means one of your vehicles computers is having problems communicating. Like you said, probably not your issue.

    Most likely your Idle speed control needs to be replaced or your temp sensor. Have the temp sensor checked with a scan tool. You may need to leave it over night at your local shop so they can test it Cold and hot.

  2. In the two answers above, could you explain that these could be the fault even though it can be 5 degrees fahernheit outside or 50 degrees and it still starts the same. Starts for a second and then dies for 3 or 4 times, then it starts and runs great the rest of the day. Could the idle speed control do this? Would a temp sensor start to work even after only 3 or 4 quick starts?
    I am not disagreeing, just looking for further diagnosis of these fixes to satisfy my “need for knowledge”.

  3. When an engine first starts for the day the engine block is as cold as it gonna get temperature wise(below 80 degrees). The engine relies on the temp sensor and the idle speed control to control fuel injection on start up. if the temp sensor is stuck between 150 – 210 the engines computer will deliver less fuel than it needs to start and idle until it warms a bit or the Idle speed control can compensate and keep it idling.

    The Idle speed control control the amount of air/vacuum leak at idle speeds only. Similar situation for the idle speed control sticking. When the engine is shut off the idle speed control reset itself for the next start. If it does not return completely to its full resting position, it will not have the correct fuel air ratio on start up, but once the engine is running it has a chance to use other sensors to adjust and stay running.

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