Supercharger ? on 96 Buick Riviera

I was told by my long-time mechanic that our supercharger was going out.  There is a noise when the engine is idling.  Decided to take it to a Buick dealership and was told it isn’t the supercharger it is the a/c compressor.  When we said the compressor had been replaced 9 months ago, they said they would check it again.  They kept it over the weekend and checked everything.  When they detach the a/c belt the noise goes away.  When they re-attach and run the a/c the noise comes back.  They removed the belt pulley that runs the supercharger and said the supercharger was fine.  Ever since I replaced the ORIGINAL  a/c compressor the a/c has been loud.  This is the second a/c compressor since the original.  The car has 92,000 miles on it.

My question is could the supercharger being blowing out the a/c compressor or could the a/c affect the supercharger?

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  1. Freeautomechanic

    The Air Conditioning and the Super Charger have Nothing in common at all. Neither one would cause a problem for the other. In General, when the Air Conditioning compressor is turned on in any vehicle, over all performance is taxed a bit and this is normal.

    Your problem is with the Aftermarket/ Remanufactured A/C compressors…. they just aren’t very good. Next go around, I suggest paying the money for the NEW Compressor as you will have less problems.

  2. Thank you for your response. I’ve got 1 mechanic telling me it’s the supercharger and the other telling me it’s the a/c. For arguments sake, let’s say it’s the supercharger. Is there a way to know if a “rattle” is coming from the supercharger and can the supercharger be disconnected?

  3. They have already done this for you by removing the belt. You can remove the Supercharger belt and drive it but there will be a significant loss of power.

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