Supercharger ? on 96 Buick Riviera

I was told by my long-time mechanic that our supercharger was going out.  There is a noise when the engine is idling.  Decided to take it to a Buick dealership and was told it isn’t the supercharger it is the a/c compressor.  When we said the compressor had been replaced 9 months ago, they said they would check it again.  They kept it over the weekend and checked everything.  When they detach the a/c belt the noise goes away.  When they re-attach and run the a/c the noise comes back.  They removed the belt pulley that runs the supercharger and said the supercharger was fine.  Ever since I replaced the ORIGINAL  a/c compressor the a/c has been loud.  This is the second a/c compressor since the original.  The car has 92,000 miles on it.

My question is could the supercharger being blowing out the a/c compressor or could the a/c affect the supercharger?