1997 Honda Accord Errors

1997 Honda Accord 4-cyl VTEC engine light is on. Autozone diagnostic tester displayed these possible errors/causes:
P0401 – EGR insufficient flow, possible EGR Valve, blocked EGR passages in engine;

P0171 – (1) Fuel system too lean bank 1 (Cly #1), large vacuum leak [I found a disconnected hose between valve cover (Cyl#1) and air intake], (2) Fuel system concern, (3) Ignition system concern, (4) MAF sensor faulty, (5) HO2S/AF ratio sensor fault.

P0453 – (1) Sensor circuit high voltage, (2) Open or short circuit condtion, (3) Poor electrical condition, (4) Faulty FTP sensor.

I don’t know where these sensors are located and whether I should change them out if other possible causes might produce the same errors. I found a hose disconnected between the valve cover at #1 Cyl and the air intake.

Can someone shed some light on what might be wrong and how I should proceed?


I looked for vacuum leaks and found a hose disconnected at the #1 Cyl valve cover. The other end was connected to the air intake cover. If I knew where the sensors in question are, I might be able to check the wiring and do some continuity and voltage checks.

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  1. The vacuum leak is most likely the cause of most of the codes. Have the codes cleared, drive it and then recheck the codes if the light comes back on.

  2. most likely a lean condition such as a vacum leak will set off all those codes mentioned,but i do know honda has a bulletin on egr passageway ristriction or no flow due to carbon restriction in passage way, ck with dealer about egr kit repair kit comes with drill and egr passageway tube and installer.

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