Jun 082010

Hey guys, I have an Audi A4 2001. sometimes when I start it, after moving it, just cant start even though the radio lights came on. But after say one hour, when I try to Start the engine, it comes on.What could be the problem? And the brakes are hard to press. Ciao

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  1. Thus could be caused by a bad starter assembly. Best way to test this is to check for voltage at the starter when it will not start…. if it is getting voltage and not turning over, you guess it = replace the starter.

  2. thank,any idea on the brakes being hard to press.

  3. Brake pedal feel is firm, but brakes lack sufficient stopping power or fade
    1.Check the operation of the brake booster and brake booster check valve. Replace worn or failed parts.
    2.Check brake linings and brake surface areas for glazing and replace worn or damaged parts.
    3.Check for seized hydraulic parts and linkages, and clean or replace as needed.

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