wont run

Ok,I have a 1992 honda civic 4dr dx with 93k on in. The following has been replaced: head gasket, timing belt, water pump, 02 sensor, distributor, plugs wires, cap and button, map sensor, exhaust, main relay, and ECM. Car is not blowing any codes and runs when it wants to. When it does run it runs great for a couple of days and then it will start by cutting out a couple of times and before you know it quits running all together. Will start back up after a while but will only Idle, and stall as soon as you touch the throttle or put it in gear


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  1. When the car at the point where it will not start at all, this is where you can do your testing. Find out what it doesn’t have: Spark, Fuel, Injector Pulse …

    If it has no spark, concentrate on that area. If it has spark but no fuel, try spraying some starting fluid in to see if it runs, if it does, then you know it is fuel related and you can concentrate on this area. Might just be the fuel pump going out…. it happens. Check your fuel pressure when it idles and when you mash on the gas and it tries to die… see if the fuel pressure drops or goes up. Fuel pressure should be 30 psi at idle and go up to 40 psi when you mash the gas pedal. If it drops.. you need a new fuel pump.

    If it has no spark or injector pulse, it is usually a crank sensor or bad ECM(computer)

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