car trouble

98 plymouth voyager black smoke coming out of tail pipe when i start it up .also when i drive it wont really excelerate that fast take some time before it revs up to excelerations after sitting for a day or so when i try to drive it starts to put like im running out of gas then after a couple of minutes or so it will then run right someone told me that it might be a catalic converter i dont know but the service engine and air bag lights are on and been on for a while just got a tune up and problem still exists i got a diagnostic test and it stated that i need two sensors got them havent put them on yet


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  1. What does Black Exhaust Smoke mean?

    Vehicles before 1996 will sometimes emit black exhaust smoke during the first start up of the day, this is normal as long as it clears up once warm. On vehicles built after 1996 , Black exhaust smoke is not normal. This is an indication that the engine is not burning the fuel efficiently and or the fuel injection system is trying to force to much fuel through the engine.

    Possible causes range from a failed O2 Sensor, Injector Stuck open, or failing MAF Sensor. Some times a simple tune up is all that is needed.

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