No gas to carb, pump okay

I have a 1996 K2500 4×4 5.7 liter that suddenly stopped running while I was driving.  It had to be towed and now I am stumped as to what the problem is.  The filter is fine, all fuses have been checked, if I pour gas into the carburator it fires up it is just not getting gas to the carburator.  The pump is okay.  Anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do to try and get this truck running?  Please post and thankyou.

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  1. This should be a Fuel injected engine, and it is going to require lots of fuel pressure. So first thing I would do is put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see where your at. You need to be around 55 to 62 KOEO(key on engine off). If it is less than that, swap out the fuel filter as it can possibly increase if it is clogged. I have gotten as much as 5 more psi doing this. If you are still below the minimum 55 psi, You will need to replace the fuel pump (quite common)

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