1988 Ford F150 p/u 300 6cil

gas leaks out of the rear filler neck.replaced tank vent and pump.it just gushes out sometimes.not to bad on cooler days but when hot,seems like the tank builds up pressure

4 thoughts on “1988 Ford F150 p/u 300 6cil”

  1. If there is a kink in the fill neck or an obstruction this will happen when filling the tank……

    Guess I should ask if this only occurs when fillin the tank with gas or while driving down the road?

  2. it happens when driving down the road,and when you stop and let the pressure off the tank it gushes out.I just got the truck and the ppl I bought it from had put a new pump in the tank.I replaced the vent on top,thinking maybe this would stop the problem,didnt happen.I looked for a vent tube on the filler neck but there is none.seems like the tank builds up alot of pressure and pushes the gas out,it even comes out of the gas cap.

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