1995 bmw 325ci – no spark – no fuel being delivered

this car started fine when i purchased it and then at home.  a week ago i started it and let it run for a few minutes when i tried to move the steering wheel it stopped running. i tried to re start it but it would sputter and did not run again. i thought it was the fuel pump because it had been parked for over six months and low fuel. i changed the fuel pump, still did not start. changed the sending unit, still same problem, changed the fuel filter and spark plugs . still did not start. took it to a friends shop. he informed me that there is not fuel being delivered to the engine and there is no spark on the plugs. now the car has a bmw alarm i thought that was the problem and reprogramed the thing but it is still not working. all fuses have been checked and they are fine. the fuel filter is in the correct position and the fuel pump is working but there is no electricity coming to it. the car turns but does not start. all lights do work but the electric top does not work since the vehicle stopped starting.

what do you think can be the problem?  is there a cut off switch? could this be the problem? is it the computer? please help.


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