Cutting out

2000 Chevy S10 Extreme is cutting out when being driven long distance. My fiance drives the truck an hour to work every day. Once he gets almost there there is a hill to climb and every time he gets to the hill it starts cutting out and will then continue to have this problem the rest of the drive there. Well he also says he can pull over shut it off and start it again within a few minutes no more than 5 and get several more miles down the road before it will do it again. I had the truck all week last week in town to see if it would do it while I drove it around town and it never did. He drove it today and once again got to that same hill and there it was again. We changed the fuel filter already and that didn’t help. Any ideas what might be wrong?


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  1. Could just be a tune up related issue,If you have over 80k miles on it, you might as well start with plugs, etc.

    Possibly fuel related or clogged Catalytic converter.

    You would need to have a shop hook up a fuel pressure test gauge and duct tape it to the windshield and drive it to that hill to induce the problem and see if there is a loss of fuel pressure. If so, replacing the fuel pump would cure the issue.

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