1998 VW Golf Ignition Cylinder Body

How do you remove the spring to get the ignition cylinder body off?

Help Please!!

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  1. Fig. 1: Lock cylinder drill point.

    VW ignition switch - lock cylinder

    1995–99 Cabrio, 1993–99 Golf and Jetta
    1) Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2) Center the steering wheel.
    3) Remove the air bag.
    4) Remove the steering column switches.
    5) If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, detach the shift lock cable from the lock cylinder housing.
    6) Remove the adapter sleeve from the steering column.
    7) Remove the spring and horn contact ring from the steering column assembly.
    8) Detach the sheer bolt.
    9) Insert the ignition key and unlock the cylinder, then detach the wiring connectors.
    10) Once all wiring has been detached, slide the housing off the steering column.
    11) Mark and drill the lock cylinder as shown and described in the above procedure.
    12) Compress the stop spring and pull the lock cylinder out of the steering column housing.
    13) Put the new lock cylinder into the steering lock housing.
    14) Insert the key into the lock cylinder.
    15) While you gently turn the key, insert the lock cylinder fully into the housing.
    16) The rest of the installation procedure is the reverse of removal.
    NOTE: Always use a new shear pin when installing the lock cylinder.

  2. Thanks for the reply Jaxer, but I already have the info. you suggested. It says to remove the adapter sleeve and detatch the sheer bolt??? What are these?? This is where I get lost. Are these whats still holding the spring on? Thx

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