99 ford explorer

I have a 99 explorer and have no idea what is wrong with it so i will just describe the problem and hopefully someone can help me.  I had it parked for a few wks because it started acting up. It started knocking and the oil gauge was flicking back and fourth really fast. Last night I got it started and let it run for a while. It was no longer knocking and smoke was coming out of the tailpipe but stopped after a bit. It was making a noise that sounds like when you would put the playing cards in the spokes of your bike when you were a kid. The oil gauge was steady so I drove it and the oil gauge started again and went to low and stayed there. The noise could only really be heard when I pushed the gas. Other than those things the car seemed to drive well, just like it did before. I am worried that this will be a costly repair and also that I would breakdown somewhere. I have parked it and am not driving till I find out what is wrong so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. They don’t call’em Ford Exploder for nothing. These engines are prone for timing chain failure. This is a very expensive repair…$1800.00 or so. I am of course assuming this is a 6 cylinder and not a V8.

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