Replacement on new rotors

I recently purchased 2 new rotors for my suzuki grand vitara and had my tech install the new rotors, when I drove off… I had a shake in the steering wheel when applying the brakes and it felt like the brakes was slipping when pressing on the brakes. I took off the wheel to check for oil or dirt on the rotors and didnt see any oil/dirt on the rotors. I then took it back the tech and he install the old rotors back and didnt have the problem anymore. My tech informed me that the rotors wasnt a good set and where not balance and I needed to take them back to the store and get a replacement. Was this information correct that I was told and thanks in advance for your answer

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  1. This is accurate information. The new rotors you had put on were no good right out of the box, it happens form time to time.

    The store should have no problem swapping them out for a new set as it does happen often enough.

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