88 gmc s15 2.5L

have to prime the carb to get it started sometimes, and will run rough sometimes even after warmed up, got to be simple right??? Any ideas of what i need to check?

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  1. Sounds more like a complete tune up is needed here. Spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor should cure the rough idle and maybe even the starting problem. This is assuming the choke is not stuck shut.

  2. This is a throttle body injected motor, i believe it was tuned up before the kid had bought it, it just seems to need starting fluid to get it started and then runs ok once started like there is a malfunction in a part of the tbi system and im not for sure exactly what to test or troubleshoot first… thanks for your replies!!!

  3. Well, first I would remove a sprk plug and look at it to make sure it did in fact get the tune up you think it had. If not, do one.

    Next I would check the fuel pressure. Between 12-16 is good for a TBI. If it is less, you can usually pick up a PSI or 2 by replacing the fuel filter.

    Make sure the throttle body is clean and there are no vacuum leaks. Then check the IAC.

  4. gonna go for a fuel pump change out with new tank too, hope its a good decision?? is there any kind of back flushing you can do with a fuel system??

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