Coil Pack #2

Just got a 99 Merc. C-280 it came with no manual, changed the spark plugs, to give it a tune up, it is still sluggish, got it checked, coil pack #2 bad, if I am looking down at the engine where would coil pack #2 be located, also could it be possible that if the codes were not properly cleared out, can the computer cause the same problem, and or if  the CEU is bad can it effect one or more coil packs, or would a DIO identify that the computer is bad.

Thanks to all who can help with this….

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  1. It is very possible for the coil pack to fail at any given time. I like to think of the coil packs like light bulbs. They seem to work for a long time and one day without notice, you turn the switch on and pop,,,, it no longer works.

    Coil pack number two is the 2nd one from the front of the engine on a 4 cylinder. If it is a v6, it is the first one on the passenger side on ford engines.

    It would not run at all if the computer was bad.

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