1987 Honda Civic Timing Problams

so i  changed the timing belt in this car i just bought however it keeps misfiring and wont start. ive changes the distributor cap, rotar, plugs, wires, and ive checked the coil and changed the igniter ive tried to use starting fluid in the carb however it blows back up once i try to start it does anyone have any suggestions?????? thanks

1 thought on “1987 Honda Civic Timing Problams”

  1. Did it run before you changed the timing belt…. bet it did.

    You put the timing belt on one tooth off. quite common. This is why the statring fluid blows back because a valve is open when it shouldn’t be.

    Once you reset the timing marks, spin the motor over a couple of times and confirm the belt isn’t one tooth off before putting it the rest of the way back together.

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