2006 Dodge Stratus

tried to get Texas inspection w/ emmissions test today, they told me my on board computer is not communicating with thiers. any ideas. No, the check engine light is not on, no… I have not replaced the battery or disconnected it….or installed any new devices such as radios or anything. thank you so much

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  1. This is actually more common than you would think. In most cases, there is a fuse blown and thats it. It usually is the radio or cigar lighter fuse but not in all cases. The best thing to do would be to have all the fuses tested. I think Autozone will do this for free if you do not have the tools to do so yourself.

  2. thanks for your response. I am sorry I forgot to mention in my first post that I was told all the rely’s and fuses were good. I am positive the cig. lighter works, since I use it to charge cell phone.
    I really can not spend $99 hour for the dealer to diagnose. The car was in a wreck in Oct. -I was t-boned on the driver side door. I am wondering if it is something with the wiring in the door when they repaired. Any thoughts are more than Greatly appreacaited!
    can a fuse still work but not be good? I think the dodge dealer said he got a not ready status. You think it might could be the connector gone bad? He said it is like the battery has been changed which hasn’t. Thanks again.

  3. 1) if a fuse is bad, it is bad…
    2) “on board computer is not communicating” is totally different than “not ready status”

    3) “on board computer is not communicating” means the no information at all can be reviewed because of no connection or power

    4) “not ready status” means the communication is there but teh vehicle has not been run through all the tests inorder for it to be in ready status. When a battery has been disconnected it can reset the computers stored information on how it wants to operate the engine.

    There is a TSB on this particular issue though

    TSB #ECM K-01
    NHTSA ID #10033104
    Date Announced:
    MAY 01 2010

    More Information »

  4. thank you again for responding. It definatley is a “not ready status” (it is printed on my sheet that normally would read the emissions testing results) After driving acros town yesterday about 45 miles, now my check engine light has came on! the car is driving usual. This is so frustrating! Guess I will try one of th auto stores and see if they can give me a code! Can the check engine light comming on reset the on board computer? Have a good day! Thanks.

  5. 1) Can the check engine light comming on reset the on board computer?

    No, but clearing the codes will. With the check engine light on, you can now see what is causing it and make the repairs needed to pass the emissions test.

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