Larger Tires on a Jeep……..

I have an “05” Jeep Wrangler, I would like to put larger tires on it 1 maybe 2 sizes bigger, with a 1-2 inch suspention lift. How will this affect my MPG? Will it have an affect on the drive line (i.e.: drive shaft yolk, Rear, Transmission)? What are the pros and cons?

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  1. Lets pretend you have the “X” model that came with 215/75/15, you could jump to 225/75/15 with out the lift kit and barely notice any difference in mpg and won’t have an effect on the drivetrain ….. and the one step up is an optional size form the factory. If you had the Rocky Mountain Edition, it came from the factory with 30×9.50/15 if you have a 4 cylinder jeep, it will bogg the engine down and have worse fuel mileage. the 6 cylinder is a bit more forgiving. If you want to put some 33×12.50 or bigger, you are going to start getting worse fuel mileage and speedometer will be off quite a bit. Drivetrain on a 4 cylinder will think about busting u-joints with the 35″ tires and the pinion angle will need to be reset to avoid it from happening.

    So I would not go too big or you will have an issue. going from 215/75/15 to 31×10.50 with a 6 cylinder shouldn’t cause any problems. A four cylinder will not like the larger tires.

  2. Thank you for answering, I have a Sport with 30×9.5/15 I am thinking about going with a 1 inch lift and 31×10.5/15 and it has a 6 under the hood.

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