My 1995 honda civic is turbo ready,with no turbo.

my 1995 honda civic coupe,16 valve had a turbo but it blew.took off the turbo but left the aftermarket parts on including aftermarket computer chip.except for the fuel pump its stalk.would this make it not run good and jerk back and forth at about 3000 rpms and up in every gear while accelerating.


2 thoughts on “My 1995 honda civic is turbo ready,with no turbo.”

  1. It is possible that the aftermarket chip is programed to force more fuel at 3000 rpm, so YES, not having the Turbo On the engine could be causing a loss in power.
    Is it causing the jerking, might just be the aftermarket chip or something else.

    Does it rev past 3000 when in neutral?

  2. I have the same problem. Engine won’t rev past 3000 unless i ease into it in neutral. If I hammer it, the rpms lift to 3500 but won’t shift. But my car is all stock….no turbo , no chip. Plz help!! It does jerk as well .

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