1996 Ford Windstar

I have a 1996 Ford windstar 3.8L that will not start  it has a brand new battery and ran for a week then it quit  i was wondering if it would be the alternator and how do i go about testing if it is and also repairing it myself


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  1. First you charge the battery over night and then start the engine. With the engine running you use a voltmeter(or your dash gauge if equipped)to check the charging of the battery. It should read above 13 volts if it is charging the battery. It will read battery volts if not charging.

    Testing with a Multi-meter

    Click on the “Auto Repair Manuals” tab to the left to get repair procedures

  2. emmanuel obregon hernandez

    hola , a todos espero y me puedan ayudar con mi problema el problema que tengo es que mi camioneta wuinstar 96 cuando la ensiendo se revoluciona a mas de 2000rpm lo que pasa es que le quite el multiple de admicion para areglar un inyector que estaba fugando despues que quite lo bolvi a poner y cuando quise ensender eso es lo que pasa q se revolucionba asta mas de 2000rpm y despues se apaga .espero y me puedan ayudar

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