’95 Buick Riviera passenger side view mirror

’95 Buick Riviera passenger side view mirror, it was hit into a mail box.. the fixture is fine, but the motor was broken off it’s posts so it’s basically dangling (still works oddly enough) and the mirror with the frame plate broke off completely. I have a replacement, but I’d rather not have a white mirror on my red car…. is there a way for me to pop off the glass and take this thing apart? I would like just to put the new motor with the attached frame plate in my red fixture… or should I suck up the price and just get the replacement painted?


1 thought on “’95 Buick Riviera passenger side view mirror”

  1. you will break it if you try to take it apart. Have it painted or just paint it flat black yourself. Oddly enough no one would notice the flat black side mirror as it is quite common for it to be this way.

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