1984 Chevrolet C10 quit while driving

I have a 1984 Chevrolet C10, 6 cyl. – I had some connection issues prior, where I had to wiggle the positive cable to the battery,and would start. Then it quit on me while driving somewhere, I thought maybe it was out of fuel, because the gauges aren’t messed up, but has a full tank. When I pulled off the freeway, I tried starting it again, it turned over fine, but then had the no good connection problem again, and no amount of moving the battery cables worked. I did not smell a high odor of fuel or see anything dripping from the engine underside that might tell me that the fuel pump failed. It also has an HEI (high output?) distributor cap if that makes any difference. I cleaned the ground cable to the engine and where it contacts to the engine, but no luck. I’m sorry to say I don’t know the engine size, my other half got it a couple months ago. This is my only transportation, I’m not a mechanic or electrical expert, and don’t have the money to hire somebody.

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  1. I switched out the battery to one I know is good, still having the click/clunk sound of not getting a good connection. Did not have any symptoms that the alternator was going out, i.e., slow wipers, dim lights, other starting problems like drained battery. Could it be anything else?

  2. Why sure it could be something else. One click noise is generally a bad starter as long as you don’t loose all the lights at the same time(this would be a bad connection).

    Have someone hold the key in the “START” position and the other person can check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal(tiny wire) on the starter. If you see battery voltage on the “S” terminal on the starter and it isn’t cranking over the engine, then the starter needs to be replaced.

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