on our 1999 KIA SPORTAGE, the inside ac blower and all power windows stopped working at the same time..all fused okay..any idea what is wrong? could it be ignition switch? RELAY?

4 thoughts on “AC BLOWER NOT WORKING”

  1. Probably a coinsidence unless you just installed an aftermarket radio or something. if you are certain all the fuses inide and outside are good, then test fro power to the blower motor. If you have power, replace the blower motor. If not check that you have power going to the blower motor relay. If not then check the wiring from the blower motor relay, etc.

    Same deal with the power windows. You can get a wiring diagram if needed by clicking the link to your left.

  2. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Had the same issue but wipers stopped also. I accidentally pushed the key slightly towards the off position and all started. been doing it all the time it stops since and they always come back on

  3. I am having the exact same problem. Wipers work though. My next job will be to check the harnesses. I am wondering if you fixed your problem. Lots of relays on vehicle. Not sure which ones do what.

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