Lug Nuts Loose

I just bought a 2006 Mazda tribute which was inspected before I picked it up . My wife took it on a trip 2 days after I bought it , the trip was about 500 miles 1 way .
Half way there she noticed a vibration in the wheel
she stopped but could not notice anything so she continued to her detestation and got the SUV checked out and was told the Lug Nuts On the Passenger side were so loose you could hand tighten them .
I am wondering what kind of damage this could have done for driving so long with loose lug nuts .


1 thought on “Lug Nuts Loose”

  1. More than likely there has been no major damage. If the wheel itself had come off….then that would be a different story. Since the wheel did not come off, the most damage that could have happened would be possible tire wear from the vibration and messed up lug nut studs… If the car has aluminum wheels, then the studs are probably just fine.

    If the car drives fine with no vibration now that the lug nuts have been properly tightened, then you have no more worries.

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