2006 Chevy Suburban

Does anyone know how to successfully remove  10 bolt 8.6 rear axle-shaft with clutches and a governor.

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  1. The axle shafts come out the ends once you remove the two internal C-Clip/ring retainers.
    Remove the “10 Bolts” from the rear cover. (fluid will drain)
    Remove the the one bolt from the center pin/shaft and remove the shaft.
    Push the rear axle shafts inward (you can just push on the side of the wheel)
    Remove the C-clips/rings (use of a magnet works great for this.
    Pull wheel/shaft assembly out.

    With Rear axles removed. Remove the four, 2 from each side that are holding the center gear assembly commonly referred to as the “PIG”.

    once the bolts are removed, you can carefully walk the pig out of the housing with the help of a pry bar. This is a heavy piece and help form some one else may be needed. Pay careful attention to where the shims are on each side upon removal as they will need to go back in the same place.

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