Clutch Problems

Hi. I own a 1998 Holden Barina Swing, 1.4L, 5 speed manual. And have recently had difficulties changing gears. Sometimes I really have to force it into gear, others it moves smoothly. and also when the car is off it moves smoothly between the gears. Any idea as to the cause of this problem?


2 thoughts on “Clutch Problems”

  1. The answer is in the title. CLUTCH PROBLEM. The clutch is not fully disengaging. This can be caused by a wore out clutch disc, clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder.

  2. I have a similar issue.

    I have noticed my clutch has been losing resistance this past week.

    It is to the point where I am unable to put the car into gear (Grinds)

    The clutch pedal has enough resistance that it doesn’t stay at the floor but it will move down most of the way too easily.

    How would I be able to tell if it is a problem with the master/slave cylinder versus a clutch disc?

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