1995 BMW 320i

Doors locked by themselves, keys inside car, crawled through trunk (faulty latch, thank goodness), could not open locks inside – keys passed through trunk so i could unlock car door with key. Tried to start car – nothing. No click no nothing. Radio is fine, lights work. No immobilizer that we are aware of. Has never done this before. Any suggestions??

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  1. Most likely the battery just needs to be replaced. Just because the radio and lights come on doesn’t mean the battery is good.

    Another thing to try if you have a NEW/GOOD battery is to disconnect the battery, put the ignition key in and in the “ON” position and then hook the battery back up and then move the key from “ON” to “START”.

    Still not working, you will have to check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal at the starter when someone turns the key to the “START” position. If you have battery voltage then you will need to replace the starter.

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