2004 Ford Focus SE…

Tested spark, fuel flow, compression, and all are good. Car cranks, but wont start. New battery. New plugs with correct gap set. Wires good to plug. Clean contacts. Good continuity. What am I missing here? Also, tested relays and fuses and all are good.


2 thoughts on “2004 Ford Focus SE…”

  1. Starter and alternator are also good. No codes from an OBDII scanner with active data capabilities. Also, good cam and crank sensors. Injector pulse and sufficient flow to all cylinders. Good and even compression as well. Recently replaced a thermostat due to heating issues and performed a full system flush and used a conditioner and new coolant to refill the system. Issue went away after cycling new coolant and engine performed well. Died at a stop light without idling out. Instantly shut off when accelerating from a stop.

  2. You need 4 things to make the engine run.
    1) Fuel
    2) Spark
    3) Compression
    4) Timing (the above three at the right time)

    You are missing one of these. After making sure you have spark, try spraying in some starting fluid and see if she doesn’t go. It may just have some bad fuel. If she still doesn’t go, you may be looking at a timing issue.

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